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Hall Caretaker

We currently require a volunteer Hall Caretaker to take over from our current caretaker who is retiring after performing the role for over 15 years. Would ideally suit someone based locally, who is practical and organised. Only takes a couple of hours a week, and primarily involves coordinating the various service providers we require to keep the hall running (Cleaner / Gardener / Heating / Maintenance etc.) A satisfying role which is crucial to the operation of the Scout Group. Please get in touch if you think you can help.

Section Leaders

We currently require volunteers to be Leaders in all sections, to deliver the Scouting programme to young people. Most of our sections have long waiting lists and some local children will miss out on all the adventure that Scouting brings due to a lack of adult volunteers. Being a leader is a fun and rewarding way of getting involved in our community and helps develop the lives of young people in our area. Training will be provided as required – no Scouting experience is required, just a willingness to engage with young people. If you think you could be a Leader, Assistant Leader or a Section Assistant for our Scout Group, please get in touch.

Hall Key Holder

Hall key holder – this is an occasional job, opening or closing the hall for groups who book the hall for parties, events , meetings etc. A rota is in place and the more people on the rota, the less everyone has to take a turn. Usually events are at weekends or evenings and occasionally during the day. The hall manager circulates a note of all the events for the month ahead and asks for volunteers to open or close for these events. The job takes only a few minutes each time. The letting of the hall is a very valuable source of income for the scout group. For more information please Contact us.

Parent Helpers

Help at section meetings – we operate a rota and parents can help as often or as little as they prefer – the more people on the rota, the better! We will never ask you to run a meeting or activity on your own, but an extra pair of hands means we can

  • run better badge work
  • have more adventurous activities such as hikes and camps
  • provide more places for young people.

Leaders can provide full support to parent helpers and if you want to become an assistant leader, we’d be delighted! For more information please speak to any leader or Contact us.

Executive Committee Parent Representatives

Help with committee each section has a parent rep who joins in with the Executive Committee – they manage the finances and administration of the group. The committee meets every 3 months or so on a weekday evening. Parents and supporters make a valuable contribution to the running of the group through the committee. For more information call David on 333 1105.


Fundraising – the sections aim to organise a variety of fundraising events for example for an international camp, for new equipment or to raise funds for a good cause outside of the group. These events need helpers and organisers to coordinate the effort and ensure that the most is made of each fundraising opportunity. For more info call Ian Harrower on 331 1108.

Hall Maintenance Volunteers

Hall maintenance – the hall is maintained by a small group of volunteers who need help for bigger jobs from time to time. This might include painting and decorating, clearing outside areas, tidying up and sorting equipment. The group does a number of improvements to the hall and its facilities each year, such as development of the outside space, or indoor facilities, small building projects etc. A DIY Day is sometimes organised when volunteers gather to complete a number of projects on one day.

Occasionally, trade skills are required such as electricians and plumbers – if you are qualified in this type of skill we’d be pleased to hear from you, labour and materials will be paid for.

If you’d like to help out, please let us know.


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