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Our Group has active sections of Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers, and benefits from an excellent Scout hall facility and a wide range of equipment. A significant amount of fundraising is required to make Scouting accessible to as many as possible, and this is part of being a member of the Scout Group. Members of the sections, leaders and parents all take part to make this successful.

Funding for the group comes from term fees and each section may organise specific fund raising activities too. The Fund raising committee also organises events and taps into other sources such as grants.

In the past a number of successful events have been organised ranging from bag packs to theatrical productions, sing-a-long to the completely ridiculous L2 – Ascent of the Loan -a wonderful horizontal climb along from the Hawes pier to the summit, up from the Scotmid plateau and just beyond the South Queensferry Parish church station.

The Committee works alongside each sections to ensure that fund raising effort is coordinated and supported with other group fund raising for specific projects e.g. expedition to Kenya.

How can you help?

Pay your fees on time by signing up to Direct Debits on Online Scout Manager which collects Gift Aid automatically.

Participate or help in the fund raising events. Publicised online and by newsletter and email

Come along to a committee meeting or send in ideas for opportunities

If your employer has a charitable contribution scheme then see if it can be used to benefit the Scout Group. E.g. one national bank runs a matched funding scheme that has contributed hundreds of pounds in the past. In addition it also runs a gift scheme which has given £250 per annum over a number of years.

Your employer may also give time off in lieu to help with charitable events.


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